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10 Sep 2015

Finding A Problem With Cell Communication

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Above is a picture of a device called “paraspinal thermography.”  Essentially it is a fancy term for saying we read the temperature on both sides of the spine and compare them.  Much research has gone into showing how healthy people have symmetrical bodies, and this includes heat.  This means that your left and right hand should be a very similar temperature, unless something is wrong.  So we use this machine to first see if someone has one area of the body that is warmer than another, eluding to a disease process.  Also, we use it over time to see how well a person is adapting.  People with a proper nervous system are always adapting.  When a subluxation is present, the body cannot adapt accordingly and this machine will pick this up.  Ideally, whoever checks your spine should definitely be using this machine, or something similar, every single time they see you!


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Dr. Kevin Davine