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10 Sep 2015

The Most Dangerous Disease: Subluxation

One of the things that baffles me is the lack of knowledge of something called “Subluxation.”  Subluxation is when the top bone of the neck, called the atlas, moves out of position to the point where it is interfering with the transmission of messages from the brain to the body, or the body to the brain.  In my opinion, it is the cause and start of many horrible disease processes.  It has been linked with migraines, stroke, multiple sclerosis, lung issues, heart issues, digestive issues, knee-pain, back pain, neck pain.  Honestly, you name the condition and subluxation is probably the cause.  This is because your body is made to heal itself perfectly.  However in order for this to happen, communication between the cells of your body and your brain is imperative.  Almost all messages of the body travel through the top two bones of your neck, so if they are out of alignment, and interfering with those messages, a major problem begins to develop.  Perhaps what makes subluxation so devastating is the fact that at first it is so subtle.  Since only 5% of the nervous system transmit pain, many people don’t feel any disease growing in their body until it has been there for a very long time.  I recommend everyone getting a check-up once in a while to make sure their cell communication is on point!


Much love,

Dr. Kevin Davine