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14 Sep 2015

The Dreaded “Dowager’s Hump”

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As I walk around town the one thing that breaks my heart is how many people have what is called a “Dowager’s Hump.”  While you may not know it by that name I am sure you have seen it.  It is the hump that forms where the neck and back meet.  Most people are afraid of developing this hump due to cosmetic reasons; however what you may not know is how having that hump is affecting your health in a tremendous way.  In fact, the Dowager’s Hump can be a fairly good indicator and insight into how healthy someone really is as it has already been linked with heart disease, lung conditions, and early morbidity.   The great news is that the hump may be prevented and even reversed with the right approach.

So why would a hump in your back create health issues?  From an anatomical perspective it makes perfect sense.  The nerves that exit the spine from the base of the neck and upper back are the nerves responsible for maintaining heart and lung function.  So as the posture or structure in that area distorts, the function of the nerves in that area decrease, leading to dis-eased organs.  While many still argue the cause of the Dowager hump, there is a good amount of research that demonstrates that the problem originates in the upper neck.

When the upper neck vertebrae move out of position, this causes the head to move forward.  If the upper neck vertebrae are not put back into position, the head will literally begin to collapse forward and into the body.  As the years go by with the problem uncorrected, the dowagers hump begins to appear and grow to a larger and larger size.  While there are some exercises that can help improve posture, correcting the Upper Cervical Spine can completely stop and even sometimes reverse the hump in the spine.

Many people begin to notice a Dowager’s Hump while in their 20’s or 30’s. While every chiropractor is trained in adjusting the upper neck, there are a few who devote their entire practice to specifically adjusting these vertebrae.  I wholeheartedly recommend seeing an “Upper Cervical Chiropractor “ as soon as you notice this hump start to form.  I have been blessed enough to have helped many with this problem with astounding results, and I wish the same for you!