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14 Sep 2015

Your Spirit and The Spine

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As humans, it is important to realize that we are comprised, essentially, of three distinct states.  There is the physical form, the mental or energetic form, and finally the spiritual self, which is formless, immaterial, perfect and infinite. When speaking of health we must keep all three in mind. Today’s modern healthcare system, for the most part, addresses only the physical or mental healings, when in reality all health comes from spirit.

My story begins when I was 22 years old. At the time I was attending chiropractic school and living a healthy lifestyle. A few years earlier I had convinced my parents to see their local chiropractor for health care. While they had a positive experience, something drastic happened that changed my view completely: Both of my parents started to become sick. My mom began suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome and my father had debilitating hip pain. I thought to myself “How could this be?”—Especially since they had been getting regular adjustments for years.

After visiting their medical doctors, I found out that they were being pushed into surgery as “their only option.” I pleaded with my parents to let me investigate and find some answers before they agreed to such invasive procedures.  This led me down a path that has truly changed my life. It was during this time that I discovered something called Upper Cervical Care—a specialized area of Chiropractic that deals with the most fragile and critical part of the spine—the neck. I found story after story of persons with failed medical and chiropractic cases going to Upper Cervical doctors and getting astounding results.

I told my parents about my discovery and convinced them to drive 30 minutes to the nearest Upper Cervical chiropractor.   I went with them for their first session and was in shock at the difference of this initial visit. My parents were used to getting a set of x-rays and then receiving a few swift turns of the neck and maybe a force or two on the lower spine. That is not what happened in this office. This time, the doctor took extremely specific and unusual x-rays, and then spent what seemed like an hour looking over the films, drawing lines and equations on the films.  Finally when it was time for the adjustment, it didn’t require a rapid turning the neck or any popping of the vertebrae. It was a very light and gentle.  It only took but a few seconds and then she told them to rest on their back.

After the visit, my parents were even more skeptical.  They didn’t think anything of it and thought they wasted their money.  But soon they would be proven wrong. As it turns out, that one gentle adjustment was the only one either of them needed in that first month for ALL of their pain to disappear.  On top of that, my mother proceeded to quit all of her heart medications and lost about 50 pounds of weight! I was so amazed at their results that I decided to become an Upper Cervical Chiropractor myself and have found that the words of Dr. Clearance Gonstead are true, “It is amazing what one adjustment can do if applied right.”  One adjustment performed properly CAN change your life.  Using Upper Cervical Care I have seen amazing transformations with people struggling with migraines, vertigo, high blood pressure, chronic fatigue, and much more.  People are getting their lives back.  But perhaps the most amazing thing about Upper Cervical Care is how it relates to your

The Spine and Spiritual Growth

It is a common belief that during the lost years of Jesus (when he was 14-30) that he spent much time with the Essenes, a large mystical group throughout Judea. The Essenes had many rituals and exercises to help them get closer to God. One such ritual was spinal manipulation. Since the sacred kundalini energy rises up from the tailbone through the spine to the 7th chakra.  Many ancient cultures believed that keeping a healthy, aligned spine was essential for spiritual growth and enlightenment. There is a very strong likelihood that Jesus had his spine manipulated before starting his ministry. Along with Jesus, John the Baptist was also believed to be an Essene.

In ancient Hindu culture, the Upper Cervical Spine was called the “mouth of God.” because according to the scriptures, it is from this area that God speaks Life into the body. The Hindu’s have practiced bone setting for thousands of years to keep this area open.  Think of this when you read the scripture Matthew 4:4: “It is written, ‘Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.’” The word that proceeds out of the mouth of God is the flow of Life into the body that stirs the cells to life.

Finding The Help You Need

Through my own experiences, I have found one thing to be true: no matter what physical or emotional state you are in, you are better off with a healthy spine and nervous system. An estimated 80% of children and 95% of adults have a misalignment of the Upper Cervical Spine.  I encourage everyone to undergo a spinal analysis by an Upper Cervical Chiropractor that treats you with respect and integrity.  Part of being a good doctor is becoming humble and realizing that you do not have the answer to health, but the Spirit within each individual does.  It is when we recognize that our own Spirit knows best, and trust in the power that created our body that we truly have faith in God.  I thank God every day for showing me this procedure so I can fully express the Spirit that I am.