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25 Sep 2015

Nobel Prize Winner Understands Health

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The more structurally distorted we are the less energy we have available for metabolism, for thinking, and for healing.”

-Roger Sperry, Nobel Prize Winner 1981

What a wonderful quote!  Your body only makes a certain amount of energy per day.  Much of that energy is spent on things that you don’t feel or notice.  The most energy is spent on something called “proprioception,” which is a fancy word for your body telling your brain where it is in space.  If you have perfect posture, it is easy for your body to tell your brain where it is, and it is easy for your brain to maintain balance and posture.  However, when you have a misalignment of the Upper Cervical Spine (subluxation of the atlas vertebra), your entire posture is altered.  Your entire spine begins to twist and curve, one shoulder gets higher than another, and your hips become off balanced.  Now, so much more energy is used in proprioception.  Your body and brain now have to work extra hard to maintain balance.  As a result, less energy is spent on thinking, healing, your immune system, digestion, etc.  Posture is extremely important to your health, so make sure you keep your upper cervical spine aligned for life!