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23 May 2016

When Pain Becomes More Than A Symptom

What Exactly Is Pain?

Pain is an illusion!  Before you go getting upset at this statement, let me explain.  It’s not that pain isn’t real, it’s just that it is not what you think it is.  Pain is only a sensation the brain creates.  The actually tissues of your body never feel pain.  Let’s give an example.  Let’s say you went out to play golf this past weekend and you haven’t played in a long time.  While playing, your ego got the best of you and you tried to over-hit the ball, resulting in the over-rotation of your low back.  As a result, some of the ligaments in your low back was strained.  You wake up the next day with a horrible ache in your low back and you can barely move.  That ache you feel in your low back is actually all in your head.  When the ligaments are damaged, the nerves of your low back send a message to your brain letting the brain know there is damage in the area.  As a result, your brain creates the sensation of pain in the low back so that you don’t overuse the ligaments and rest your low back while you heal up.  Without this pain, you would injure your low back even more, making it an essential function of the body.  Pain in the great protector and allows you to heal!  However, there is a time when this pain can become a problem.

When Pain Becomes The Problem

There is a time when pain can become an issue due to something called “Neuroplasticity.”  Neuroplasticity is when your brain reorganizes and forms new nerve pathways for adapting to life.  When we learn how to ride a bike, or throw a baseball, our brain literally rewires itself to remember how to do these activities.  Neuroplasticity is again, an essential part of life, however it can also create some havoc on the body.  Let’s say you have had a misalignment in your Upper Neck (what we call a subluxation) for over 20 years without knowing it.  As a result, the structure of your entire spine is off, creating low back pain for years.  When this pain becomes an everyday, chronic nuissance, neuroplasticity occurs, resulting in your brain creating a pain pathway.  What this means is that even if we correct the original cause of the pain, by adjusting the spine, the body still remembers the pain in the body.  Even when all the tissues have healed, the brain still creates the pain signal.

How To Stop The Pain!

Fortunately there are a few ways to disassemble the pathway so that the brain stops creating the pain signals.  The first is a procedure that I learned called Quality, Location, Memory.  It uses acupressure points on the face to send feedback to the brain to let it know that the pain can be forgotten.  It is one of the most amazing procedures I have seen in getting instant results!  The other procedure to stop the pain pathways can be done at home.  It is a simple meditation that takes 10 minutes a day, and creates a new rewiring of the brain.  Here are the steps below:

  1. Sit quietly in a room where you will not be distracted.
  2. Close your eyes and focus on your pain.
  3. Now never refer to it as pain again.  Instead thank your body for the healing that is happening in that area of the body.  Affirm that you are healing at an exceptional rate.
  4. Meditate for 10 minutes on the healing.
  5. Do this everyday for a month

What you are doing is creating new neural pathways and rewiring your brain to now think of the area as healing instead of injured.  So please follow these easy steps and allow your chronic pain to heal with time.