Fasting: The Fast Lane to Health

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Posted on12 Jul 2016

Fasting: The Fast Lane to Health

Imagine your body like a house. If you have never spring cleaned for 10 years, what would be in your house?
Clutter, broken things, trash.. Most people in our practice have never detoxed their house. So if you’ve never done a detox, think about how much clutter you may have built up.
Now what if you spring cleaned 4 times a year. How does that house look 10 years later? Much cleaner, prettier, healthier. You’d rather live in this house, right?

Think of your life in the terms of years & decades. When we prioritize a form of fasting, whether it is a week long detox every season (4 times a year) or 1-2 days a week, we make it a part of our life the long-term effects of this ritual increases our health, functionality & beauty immensely.
Which house would you rather live in?

I came across this gem that covers the physiology of fasting, it is geared towards cancer patients, but the digestion & immune process work the same.

Kevin & I schedule our 4 week-long detoxes/fasts in the beginning of the year. (Just like our vacations). These are not convenient things to have in our lifestyle, but are absolutely essential for long-term functionality & health. Are goal is not to live indefinitely, as the expiration date of our lives is not something we can control. Rather while we are here, living this life, let’s live it with full functionality of our bodies.
Live Pure. Live Simple.