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Our Beliefs

Pure Life Health Centers believes in empowering the individual to take care of their own health. With a strong emphasis on education, we want to teach people how to be their own doctor, and not rely on anything outside of themselves

Our Mission

We inspire people to live a more pure and simple life.  This is what we all seek.  Complexity leads to fear, anxiety, depression, and disease.  Using our “uneducating” process, we inspire people to have the courage to break free from the norm and live a simpler, more natural way of life.

The Four Disciplines of Health

Master these disciplines, master your heatlh

Cell Communication

Health is the natural result all of the cells of your body working together and doing their job.

The central nervous system controls all of the function of your body.  Essentially, the brain tells every cell of your body what to do using the nerves to convey the message.  If this pathway from the brain to the body is kept open and healthy, the body will function at it’s highest level.  Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care is the best known way to keep the nervous system healthy.


What you put into your body is what your body uses to rebuild yourself.  The higher quality the nutrition, the higher functioning the body & mind

Food is an extremely important aspect to your health.  What you eat can turn on certain genes in your DNA, as well as release certain hormones to be released.  While no one can tell you directly what your nutritional needs are, we emphasize following intuition and innate urges and a return to natural foods that provide high quality nutrients to the body. 


Moving the body, especially outside in fresh air and sunshine is vitally important.

Exercise in the right amounts leads to a sound physical body and allows for an active bright mind.  We emphasize a non-sedentary lifestyle with plenty of sunshine and natural fresh air.

Honoring Your Purpose

 The more someone lives their own life, the less stress they will encounter

We are all talented and unique in our own ways, however as a culture we have forgotten that.  Instead of living a mold, we strongly encourage people to develop and explore their gifts they bring to this world and let them shine.

Meet Our Staff

Dr. Kevin Davine

"I dream for a society that has full faith that all answers lie within ourselves. Where we know that health…
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Brooke Davine

Brooke grew up in South Florida. After receiving her business degree from Florida Atlantic University, she successfully managed a natural…
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4 Pillars
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One Goal

Our Commitment To You

We pledge to give our clients our full attention, and respect.  We give 100% and will always be there to support our clients with an open heart.