About Us

Meet the Team

One thing that the Pure Life Team has in common is its belief in having relationships with integrity.  We promise to give our respect and love to everyone we encounter, as we feel that we are all family

Dr. Kevin Davine

Founder & Chiropractor

Dr. Davine is a seeker by nature.  As a result, he discovered the lost healing art of Upper Cervical Care.  Obsessed with understanding the laws of nature, Dr. Davine continues to give top-of-the-line health care to his clients.

Brooke Davine


Brooke initially met Dr. Davine as a client.  Dealing with her own health issues, she heard Dr. Davine speak, and decided to give his care a try.  Her life was radically transformed as a result of care.  Now, married to Dr. Davine, she is integral to Pure Life.

Craig McPoyle


Craig is a former entrepreneur of 30 years and professional mini-tour golfer.  He is fully into the Pure Life style of living and is a disciple of  Dr. Davine's program.  He is bringing his business knowledge and sage advice to an already established health practice.

Our Mission

We believe that many are living in a toxic nightmare.  They are tired, depressed, and confused about life.  At Pure Life Health Centers, we change that.  Our mission is awaken humanity by educating the masses on the natural laws of vitatlity, while giving high quality health care that coincides with the laws of nature.  As a result, we reawaken people from this nightmare they have been in and return them to the life they used to know as a child.  A life where we stretch the limits of being human, and understand the power we have dwelling within us.  A life where we can totally express our uniqueness and talents to the world and bring about heaven on earth.

Our Story

Pure Life Health Centers was originally birthed by founder and chiropractor, Dr. Kevin Davine in 2014.  At the time, Dr. Davine was witnessing the lack of leadership and honesty in health care.  He decided to establish a place of healing based on natural laws while creating a culture of love.  He believed that through educating people on the natural physiology of the body and laws of nature, his clients could become masters of their own health, allowing them to make logical health care decisions, instead of having to rely on a doctors opinion.  Now Pure Life Health Centers has a wonderful following of people in the South Florida area, where it continues to be a leader of natural health care education

Next Steps...

If you need any advice or recommendations about a health issue, please contact us immediately.  We would be more than happy to help