Cell Communication

A Collection of 75 Trillion Cells

You are literally a collection of 75 trillion cells; and if those cells are fully communicating with each other, harmony and coordination are the result. A great analogy of how the body works is an orchestra. During warm-up every instrument is doing their own thing, playing their own part, and it sounds horrible! However, right before the concert starts someone very important walks onto the stage, the Conductor. The conductor is responsible for telling every instrument what to play, when to play, and how loud to play. And even though every instrument is playing their own part, harmony is the result.

Your body also has a “conductor,” called “the brain stem.” The brain stem communicates to every cell of the body through our nervous system to coordinate every function of the body. When you cut your finger, the nervous system is the one that recognizes the pain and sends all the healing elements to the injury. This is what we mean when we use the term “Cell Communication.” A body that has full communication can heal 100%.

Unfortunately, through car accidents, sports injuries, whiplash, and other incidents, our brain stem and nervous system can become injured. Our brain stem and nervous system is composed of trillions of nerves that travel from our brain down our spine to our bodies to each organ. Being upright mammals, the upper bones of our neck are created different than the rest of our spine, which allow us to look in almost all directions. When we experience head trauma and injuries, the upper bones of the neck can become permanently misaligned, this is called a “subluxation.” This results in nerves becoming strangled and creates distortion of communication from the brain to the body, and from the body from the brain, resulting in parts of the body not doing their job. If, for example, the nerves traveling from your brain stem to your pancreas are strangled, the pancreas may then not produce the proper amount of insulin, resulting a diabetic condition. Or if the nerves running from your brain stem to your lower back muscles are distorted, low back pain and scoliosis could manifest. This distortion of messages can occur in any organ, tissue, and muscle in the body, therefore it can create havoc in one’s own health.

Luckily, our brain stem and nervous system can be kept healthy through something called “Upper Cervical Care.” Upper cervical care is a specialty in chiropractic whose main purpose is to place and keep the top two bones of your neck (called the atlas and axis vertebrae) aligned, keeping the brain stem and nervous system protected.

To detect subluxation, paraspinal thermography (temperature readings along the spine) and an analysis of posture is used. Someone with a subluxation will have consistent abnormal and asymmetrical temperature readings as well as abnormal posture (one leg shorter than another). If found on an initial visit, then advanced images should be taken of the upper neck. At Pure Life Health Centers, we are one of the only offices in the world using 3D Imaging to assess this misalignment.

After the images are complete and a qualified doctor has analyzed them, a correction of the misalignment is made using the doctor’s hand. The adjustment is quick, and does not cause any pain or harm to the patient. After the adjustment, the patient rests for up to 2 hours to make sure the atlas and axis vertebrae settle in the proper place. If done correctly, communication from the brain stem to the body is fully restored and the patient begins to regrow his or her health back.

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