Honoring Your Purpose

How Are You Living?

Discovering and unlocking your soul’s purpose is wildly exciting when you have an idea where to start, and what to call these particular pieces of yourself that you love and may be hiding. The best way we know how to do this is through Caroline Myss’s Archetypal Process, as well as making quiet time for prayer and Meditation.

We offer a free course that walks you through Myss’s Archetypal Process which helps identify your soul’s unique gifts. In this guided personal interview process you discover and name the parts of your soul’s personality that bring you the most energy and enthusiasm. After completing this process you can forever honor and respect your soul’s purpose. Please read below for more information or start our course.

We encourage any form of daily quiet time that stills the constant mind-chatter and increases peace. By doing so, a physical shift occurs in the brain that creates more peace, better health, improved sleep, and more importantly, a stronger sense of purpose. We host weekly “Oneness meditations” that are a guided process through experiencing our inner silence and peace. More about meditation below.