Better Diet - Better Life

Nutrition is one of the main pillars of health, because we are what we eat. Our bodies were made thousands of years ago and are designed to eat natural, earth-grown foods. Today, we eat many things produced in a laboratory with natural fibers ripped from food to preserve shelf-life, sugars increased to provide taste, added food color and it goes on and on. The food movement from farms to the grocery store is showing up in our health. Today we are 25 lbs heavier then we were 25 years ago, preventable diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and cancer have increased dramatically in the United States, and the next generation is the first one ever predicted to have a lower life expectancy than the previous one.

At Pure Life Health Centers we strongly emphasize principled based-education. (Click here to read more about our Core Principles). We thoroughly cover the biochemistry of eating and the consequences of our diets. We offer guidelines for fasts, detoxs and diets, but we respect a person’s intuitive cravings and the body’s innate intelligence as it can guide them to what nutrients are needed. As a result, we only serve our clients by giving them education and guidelines on what to eat and teach to follow their intuitive cravings for natural, God-given foods.

We also know that no matter what you eat, strong cell communication (the first pillar of health) is needed to properly utilize the nutrition. Therefore it is standard protocol to get checked for Upper Cervical Subluxation while going through the 12 week transformation process. Please look through our workshops, and health blog to find educational videos, articles, and flow charts to learn more about healthy nutrition.

What our Protocol looks like:

Within the first two weeks of starting care at our office, we advise everyone to start a 7-day detoxification process. This is done usually with a water-fast, a juice-fast, or a raw fruits and vegetables fast (known to some as “The Daniel Fast”) or a combination of the three. The purpose for this is to give the digestive organs a break from overworking, to regrow new white blood cells, to break old food addictions to sugars and other toxic substances, and to clean out the liver (the main furnace and filter of the digestive system). Wonderful benefits are gained by this fast, and we recommend people to do it quarterly. Through the fast, weight-loss is jump-started, natural growth hormone (the anti-aging and healing hormone) is increased, and many food addictions begin to fade. Many clients come out of the fast feeling better than they have in years.

After a detox, we give our clients a “Good/the Bad/The Ugly” list of foods that are great to eat, foods to reduce, and foods that should be avoided at all costs. Between the workshops, the detox, the change in standard diet and the respect given to your body’s innate intelligence many clients experience a significant transformation.

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