The Miracle of Life Energy

There exists within you a miraculous power.  This power is what regenerates, heals, and restores your body, as well as reinvigorates and replenishes your mind.  This power is what we call Life Energy.  In other cultures it has been called Chi, Prana, Life Force, and even Life itself.  Therefore this sacred force has been known and talked about for thousands of years.  This energy is literally responsible for every movement, thought, and heartbeat within your body.

Usually viewed as electrical in nature, it serves as the main communication from brain to cell, and from cell to brain.  Without this force, your cells starve for life, and die, however with it, your cells become impervious to disease.  With a full connection to this Life Energy, you become dynamic and vital, enabling your unique abilities to manifest in this world.  It is impossible to be healthy without a full connection to your Life Energy

Misdirected Life Energy is the activity in the disease process.  Disease has no energy of its own.  It is by adjusting this Life Force that brings about healing

-Kabbalah Proverb

The Generator and Messengers:

The Nervous System

In vertebrates, our nervous system is a sacred system as it serves as the major messenger of Life Energy.  The Brain Stem is the first organ created by the body, and is the last to die.  Its purpose is to collect and generate Life Energy to allow it to flow to every cell of the body.  The spinal cord transmits the energy downward, and as spinal cord descends, it branches off into peripheral nerves.  These nerves deliver the life-giving Energy to the cells, allowing health.

The importance of the nervous system is very easy to demonstrate.  If any nerve in the body is damaged, the body part it was supplying with Life Energy will immediately begin to deteriorate.  If the spinal cord is severed, all areas below will die.  This is because every cell of the body needs to be attached to its source of life, the brain stem, through healthy nerves.

The video to the right demonstrates perfectly the generation and distribution of Life Energy.  In the video you can see the brain and brain stem generating the life energy.  Then, it flows down the spinal cord, until it eventually makes its way out and through the peripheral nerves.  It is there where the life containing messages will find their way to every cell of the body.  We call this the Law of Life – meaning every cell of the body needs to receive Life Energy from the nervous system or else it cannot survive.

The life force in man flows outward from the brain and spine through the nerves to the senses and their external experiences.  The nervous system connects you to the world and to God


The Protector:

The Spine

Due to the vital importance of Life Energy, the central nervous system must be protected.  This is the main function of the skull and spine.  In fact, the central nervous system is the only organ system completely surrounded by bone.  This shows the reverence and respect that our body has for our nervous system.

The protectors can be broken up into three segments: the skull – protects the brain, the upper cervical spine – protects the lower brain stem, the rest of the spine – protects the spinal cord.  Everyone is familiar with the skull, however many do not know about the upper cervical spine.  The upper cervical spine consists of the top bone of the neck, called “the atlas”, and the second bone of the neck called “the axis.”  These provide much of the movement of the neck, but are extremely fragile.  Much care must be taken with them, as they protect the generator of life energy, the brain stem.

Look well to the spine, for it is the cause of most disease


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