The River of Life Inside

There exists within you a river teeming with life.  This river flows to every cell of the body, and delivers nutrients as well as rushes away any toxicity allowing it to leave the body.  In fact, this river is so important, that if any cell of your body is cut off from its flow, it would not survive.  This river is what is known as the circulatory system.  It consists of the blood, lymph, and fluid between and in every cell of your body.  The heart, lungs, arteries, arterioles, capillaries,veins and lymphatic system are the vessels that transport this fluid to the cells of the body.

This system has the responsibility to deliver oxygen, nutrients, hormones, immune system and gases to the cells of the body, while taking away waste, carbon dioxide, bacteria, viruses and any other toxicity the cells are releasing.  Keeping this system clean and fluid is a lost art in health care today, however is one of the most important things you can do to regain and maintain health.

It seems as if pain is the prayer of the nerve for healthy blood

-Moritz Heinrich Romberg

Polluting The Water

There is a vast difference between a river and a swamp.  While they both are a body of water, one is flowing, and one is stagnant.  As a result, the condition present in a river is vital, healthy, and clear, while a swamp tends to attract bacteria, mosquitoes, and other organisms that decompose.  As you can see, it is the environment and health of the water that ultimately leads to what organisms are attracted to it.

This is no different than the vital water inside your body.  If the blood, lymph, and fluids inside and between your cells are flowing and clean, it will only promote a healthy body.  However, due to us “polluting” our circulatory system, it can slow down the circulation, creating stagnation.  As a result bacteria, viruses, parasites, yeasts, molds, and puss will find its way into our waters.  It is important to note that these life forms aren’t necessarily bad, as they feed on our waste and diseased tissue.  They should not be targeted with antibiotics, or any other harmful means.  Even if they are, if the water is left dirty, more of these organisms will find there way back.  No, the real answer lies in cleaning the water of the body.

The Way Into The Blood:  The Gut 

Having a healthy gut is essential to having clean and healthy blood.  This is because our gut is the main pathway for outside toxicity, bacteria, and other harmful objects to enter into our bloodstream.  It is for this reason that it contains 80% of our immune system, and has so many nerves that it is considered our second brain.  As research continues to pile up on the importance of the gut, it is becoming apparent how amazing this area of our body truly is.

The main purpose of the gut is to break down food and nutrients to their most basic level, so that our body can absorb whatever it needs.  Whatever is left over is kept in the gut until it is released from the colon.  The gut breaks down food is using acid, enzymes, and friendly bacteria.  Fruits and fiber are two of the most important elements we can put into our body that heals our gut and ensures that it runs smoothly.  Without these foods, we lack proper acid levels, enzymes, and starve the healthy bacteria.  As a result food remains undigested and rots away.  

Destroying The Gut

What we put into our body has a major effect on our health.  It can be the most powerful form of medicine, or slowly lead to our demise.  Typically on the Standard American Diet (SAD), we ingest certain “foods” and chemicals that ultimately destroy our gut, leading to a polluted circulatory system.  The steps are as follows

  1.  Ingesting foods / toxins that destroy our normal bacteria.
    • Effect: Lowered immunity, harmful bacteria build-up, undigested foods
  2. Eating foods that create acid (Processed Sugar, Meats, Dairy, Eggs)
    • Effect: Decreased enzymes, even more undigested foods
  3. Mucus is formed to protect the linings of the gut
    • Effect:  Lack of absorption of needed materials, great environment for parasites and bacteria
  4. Ballooning out of the intestinal wall due to back-up over time
    • Effect:  Leaky gut allowing bacteria, whole food, and mucus into the blood

The Food You Eat Can Be Either The Safest & Most Powerful Medicine or The Slowest Form Of Poison”

-Ann Wigmore

Cleansing The Waters Inside

In order to live to your maximum potential it is essential that one begins a process to clean the blood inside.  In order to do this, one must spend time cleaning the gut first.  A lifestyle that is in harmony with nature is the only cure. There are three main things needed to do in order to clean the gut and blood:

  1. Fasting Regulary
  2. Eating a Diet rich in fruit and fiber
  3. Refrain from eating any more toxic foods / chemicals

Fasting is the “fastest” way to a healthy body.  When a person isn’t digesting food, the body begins to spend all of its time and energy on cleaning the body of any toxicity that it has accrued.  Fasting is also a perfect way to measure how healthy you are.  While fasting, the quicker and more intense symptoms come on, the more poison in the body.  Almost every person can fast 3 days without any harm to the body.  However, many get scared due to dizziness, feelings of ligh-headedness, and nausea are seen as bad, yet it is in fact a sign of poison in the body.  The symptoms are due to the body dumping the toxins into the blood stream to leave.  When a person can fast for 3-days with no symptoms, they are fairly clean.

Genetically and physiologically we are most similar to ape’s, sharing up to 98% of genes with them.  We have similar teeth, intestines, bacteria, as well as enzymes to break down food.  As a result, humans are best suited as what is known as a “frugivore.”  What this means is that fruit should be our main food digested, followed by vegetables, seeds, and nuts.  Eating raw, as opposed to cooked foods, are best.  While this way of life may seem far-fetched and hard to achieve, with a proper protocol and making slow changes, it can happen fairly easy.  Our Pure Life Protocol has an excellent way of taking anyone, regardless of their eating habits, and turning them into the healthiest eaters possible.  Once you make the changes long enough, and feel the energy and life return to your body, it is almost impossible to ever go back to your old way of eating.

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