A Doctor That Changed The World BJ Palmer Considered the developer of chiropractic, Dr. BJ Palmer ended up creating one of the most powerful healing arts the world has ever seen.  In the early days of chiropractic, there were many people getting well, however there were also many who did not.  Knowing he was on to something, and obsessed with discovering the laws of health, Dr. Palmer worked tirelessly to improve chiropractic until his crowning achievement: Upper Cervical Care.  What Dr. Palmer found was that the upper cervical spine was the key to health, and if put in place properly, the rest of the spine would follow, allowing for maximum flow of Life Energy.  Once discovered, he opened a research clinic that would go on to be the most successful healing facility in the world.  Seeing people with diseases such as terminal cancer, multiple sclerosis, debilitating chronic pain, and many other cases that were given up on, he still had over a 90% success rate using Upper Cervical Care.  Dr. BJ Palmer’s work is still hundreds of years before its time.  His work has impacted the lives of millions and he will one day be a household name.  Please watch the video in this section so you could get a glimpse of his vision.

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